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We are dynamic, dedicative, energetic, enthusiastic and laborious young people (aged 16-29 years) who are solely concerned about the future, coming generations and sustainability of Planet Earth.

Since April 2011, we have been mobilizing Asia Pacific Youth focusing on different Issues on The Himalayas (Mountains, The Water Tower), Inputs on Zero Draft and Status of Nepal in Rio+20. We have also drafted Asia Pacific Youth Position Paper towards Rio+20 and Asia Pacific Youth Declaration on Climate Change and Sustainable Development which are also published in the website of UNCSD. We have been raising our voice for "MOUNTAINS" extending our network from Asia Pacific Region at global level.


Online Discussion : Inputs and Comments on Education, 19th-22nd June 2012

-By Kabita Gautam
Nepal Youth Task Force on Rio+20 organized 3 days online discussion program on “Inputs and Comments on Education, 19th-22nd June 2012” where more than fifty youth have participated. The discussion was done during the Rio+20 Conference at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during which youth from Nepal different countries had an analysis on the Issue “Education” in their country and have given their views on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The discussion was facilitated by Ms. Kabita Gautam who shared the updated paragraph on “Education” and collected some views from the youth who participated in the discussion.
Listed below are some of the major issues that have been discussed during the event: 
1. Importance of Promoting Green Energy via College Community. 
2. Need of Green Education at Schools and School clubs to promote ESD. 
3. Transformation of Leadership for policy implementation. 
4. School base activities for sustainable development. 
5. Provision of better facilities in the community for education, alternative transport (as in country like Nepal children and youth still have to walk and travel a long distance). 

“Just Education is not enough; there should be access to job as well and platform for career development. A book is not sufficient for bringing change, youth and children should be armored with optimum level of knowledge and action oriented education. They should be directed to the way forward for the change in their behaviors and should have a feeling of belonging to environment rather than feeling the environment belongs to them”, stated by Ms. Kabita Gautam.

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