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We are dynamic, dedicative, energetic, enthusiastic and laborious young people (aged 16-29 years) who are solely concerned about the future, coming generations and sustainability of Planet Earth.

Since April 2011, we have been mobilizing Asia Pacific Youth focusing on different Issues on The Himalayas (Mountains, The Water Tower), Inputs on Zero Draft and Status of Nepal in Rio+20. We have also drafted Asia Pacific Youth Position Paper towards Rio+20 and Asia Pacific Youth Declaration on Climate Change and Sustainable Development which are also published in the website of UNCSD. We have been raising our voice for "MOUNTAINS" extending our network from Asia Pacific Region at global level.


Asia Pacific Youth Task Force on Rio+20 (APYTF)'s World Environment Day 2013 & Biodiversity Fair in Nepal


“Small area High Diversity, Healthy Home Garden Healthy Family”-Home Garden Project, LIBIRD

World Environment Day 2013 & Biodiversity Fair
Dhobi bazaar Ramechhap, Nepal, 5 June 2013

World environment day celebration is global event organized to aware community people about the environmental issues. The awareness about role of local community takes care about environment for sustainable livelihood. This year 2013 theme of world environment Day is “THINK EAT SAVE” i.e. in Nepali “Save Food Save Environment”. We organized the WED 2013 in climate adversely affected district of Nepal Ramechhap. Biodiversity fair is demonstration of agriculture biodiversity of certain locality where they are grown for their livelihood. The biodiversity fair provides the opportunities of identification and situation of any species; their uses in house hold purposes. The collection of local endangered species also collected for research conservation and further uses of that species. The fair also have spaces to dissemination of local knowledge about any plant and species.  Thus to disseminate the role of local agro biodiversity for climate change adaptation we jointly organized the WED and Biodiversity fair.

The main objectives of WED & Biodiversity fair was to explore the importance of local knowledge skill, regarding the plant and plant species, disseminate message of biodiversity conservation and their role in sustainable livelihood development especially food security. 

The farmer group who are participated in Biodiversity fair and WED 2013
Magarmishrit Farmer Group Nagdah-3
Mukhiya tol Farmer Group Nagdah -3
Manedanda Farmer Group Nagdah 5
Saipatri Farmer Group Nagdah -5
Rankha Devi Farmer Group Bijulikot -2
Saipatri Farmer Group bijulikot -2
Juntara Farmer Group Bijulikot-9
Ksharghem Farmer Group Bijulikot-9

Attraction of the program:
The farmer group has demonstrated the biodiversity that are using in their community for sustainable livelihood in mountain region. The most of farmer stall was female managed in the fair.

Local Biodiversity Display
Farmers has brought following species to display in fair.
Cereals: 53 species (Rice: 26, Maize: 11, Finger millet (Kodo): 16)
Fruits: 28 species
Vegetables: 28 Species
- Spices and condiments: 6 species
- Medicinal Plants: 15 species
- Flowers: 25 species
- Forage and Fodder: 108 species

Demo of Home Garden  & Sustainable Soil Management Technology
The demonstration of home garden was done at the program venue. The local farmer and student of school visited the display.
Integrated home garden
Improved shed and composting
Rain water harvesting / waste water collection demonstration
Tomato cultivation ( Off season in tunnel)
Bio-pesticide preparation

Veterinary related awareness stall

The different forage and fodder related poster was displayed in the fair. Many disease awareness pamphlets were also distributed at that program. The seed of many grasses were also kept for farmers.

HIV/ AIDS Awareness stall
ASMAN Nepal has also distributed the pulp let of AIDS/ HIV for awareness. The poster of that concern subject was also one of the attractions of program. 

Best Farmer Group awards
The farmer group who has managed the high biodiversity level in their group has awarded with attractive prize. The eight farmers have participated in the competition through stall demonstration.

Prize & certificate of Achievement
4000 Nrs (44 USD)
Magarmishrit Farmer Group
1st Runner up
3000 NRs (33 USD)
Mukhiya tol Farmer Group
2nd Runner Up
2000 Nrs (22 USD)
Rankhadevi Farmer Group
1000 NRs (11 USD)
5 Groups ( All Participated)

Participants of the program
Chairperson: Pasang Lama (VDC Secretory of Nagdah)
Chief Guest: Dipak Pd Shubedi (Program Officer, District Development Committee Ramechhap)
 Chief Judge: Dr Narayan Bdr Shrestha (Livestock Development officer Ramechhap)

Gobinda Barakoti (Agriculture Officer, District Agriculture Development Office)
Alok shrestha (Sustainable soil Management program)
Roshan Pakhrin ( Community Human Power Development Centre, Golmatar)
Padam P Poudel ( Vegatable seed project, CEAPRED)
Mausam Mainali  ( Local infra structure for livelihood improvement)
Nabraj partik ( Journalist)
Local Political Parties representatives
Local organizations representatives
Farmer groups representatives

Farmer Groups of Nagdah and Bijulikot
Student of Jhatteshwor Secondary school
Community people
Farmer Groups of Nagdah and Bijulikot VDC

Master of Ceremony: Umang Mainali , GGP Ramechhap

Welcome Speech and Vote of Thanks: Roshan Mehta (Home Garden Project, LIBIRD Representation of organizing Team)

Participated organizations:

Home Garden Project, LIBIRD, APYTF

District Agriculture Development Office
District Livestock Service Office
Vegetable seed project,  CEAPRED
Agriculture Forest and Environment Committee of Nagdah VDC
Agriculture Forest and Environment Committee of Bijulikot VDC
Community Human Power Development Centre, Golmatar
Farmer to Farmer Committee, Sustainable soil management program, Helvetas

Photo Slides:

Thanks Everyone for Nice Cooperation.

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