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We are dynamic, dedicative, energetic, enthusiastic and laborious young people (aged 16-29 years) who are solely concerned about the future, coming generations and sustainability of Planet Earth.

Since April 2011, we have been mobilizing Asia Pacific Youth focusing on different Issues on The Himalayas (Mountains, The Water Tower), Inputs on Zero Draft and Status of Nepal in Rio+20. We have also drafted Asia Pacific Youth Position Paper towards Rio+20 and Asia Pacific Youth Declaration on Climate Change and Sustainable Development which are also published in the website of UNCSD. We have been raising our voice for "MOUNTAINS" extending our network from Asia Pacific Region at global level.


World Environment Day 2013, "Talks with Youth"



World Environment Day 2013, “Talks with Youth”



Event Report: Organized by Youth Informed, Myanmar

First of all, we thank Asia Pacific Youth Task Force on (Rio +20) regional coordination team and Youth Informed members who participated actively on our talks and discussion on the occasion of World Environment Day 2013, Event. Thanks to Mobile Training Team who were also contributed to Youth Informed activities and ideas for youth capacity building program as well.

On the day of 1st, June 2013, Youth Informed organized one of the discussions about “Resource Consumption on the Food we eat and Consumer Rights Issues in urban areas”.

Seven participants from different background areas involved in the discussion- main lead by Ms. Soe Kalaiyar Htike (Myanmar Consumer Rights Association) and Ms. May Zin Thaw (Youth Informed), based on the Theme of World Environment Day 2013, “Think, Eat, Save”; through our discussions, “Resource usage the food we eat” and ‘Consumer rights’ was discussed, and issues about environment, civic, social, and development areas were also included. Our objective was to be aware on the resource consumption for food we eat and resource consumption we consumed and the way we could reduce. Thought the talk’s event has received registration from the youth over 20 members, they could not join with the team because of the political demonstrations happened on that day.

The result of the event talks, Yi will manage and survey on the resource consumption the food we eat in local and food production for video records develop IEC (Information, Education and Communication) especially for communities and youth who were living in urban areas. The summary of the discussion was concluded as- to spread the information, knowledge more about the water consumption in the food we daily have. Another contribution on environmental education and awareness session was, online – publishing newsletter for “Sustainable Living and Eating”. This e-newsletter was the first articles of Yi and contributed on WED Event Day 2013. And the next coming newsletter thematic area focus is on the “Water Consumption and The Food We Eat”. It is based on the result of WED Event talks, is to develop the survey / assessment to assess the water consumption on the food we eat in local, after assessing the facts and figures, it has to be inform via newsletter, pamphlet etc. through Yi page, to the other networking groups of youth as well.  

After our talks, the 2nd coordination meeting of mobile training team (MTT) proposed to discuss about community development, environmental issues, civic education, consumer rights, human rights and the health issues both in urban areas and slung areas of Yangon. I would like to introduce MTT team because of their capacity building action plan which contributed to Yi environmental education and knowledge management activities in return. The WED talks group wanted to continue joining with Mobile Training Team as well. Mobile Training Team was founded in the last two months and it was running with the members who have different background and capacity. They were also providing various capacities building training to the Youth from poorest families. Their target audience was 10 Grade Students and the Graduate level of Youth in urban areas. The group’s objective was every human being has right to be educated and right to share the knowledge they have and learn. We discussed about the trainings we provided last two months (including training evaluation) and the needs of urban youth in which issues and recruiting mobile training team resource persons. MTT team constituted with over 10 members to provide Capacity Building Trainings till now.

The result from MTT 2nd coordination meeting was;

- Inviting more members for resource person as trainers

- Coordination meeting has to conduct 2 times per month including capacity building program for team members

- The team has to back up by the members of State and need recommendation for policy issues, permission

- The fund raising will need to be done for the team expenses on each trainings and need to contribute own expenses by ourselves and the team agrees

Mobile Training Team has not joined in Facebook yet. The page will be develop by May Zin Thaw and will transfer to the team organizers as soon as possible.

The WED event talks and Mobile Training Team Photo records

WED Event Talks Photo Records


Mobile Training Team Photo Records



Contact Point:

May Zin Thaw

Founder & Director /International Affairs

National Focal Point (APYTF on Rio +20)

No. 255B, 5th Floor, Damaryone Street, Postal Code: 11111(Sanchaung)

Sanchaung Township

Yangon, Myanmar

T: +959 42800 4807, +959 731 98929

M: mz.thaw.mm@gmail.com


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